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Becca’s Big Day!

              On Saturday morning we will load up in Chip’s truck (thanks for letting us borrow it!) to head for Murfreesburo, TN for Becca’s first big show.  She will be displaying all of her 817Art (custom jewelry) along with some of her mom’s custom stuff as well.  Becca has been working her face off to build a large inventory and is excited to put her stuff out there to see how it sells.  Ellie (mini schnauzer) will be spending the day with a family in Knoxville and Emma (schnoodle) will be joining us for the day at the show!  I’m very proud of how hard Becca has worked.  She is so creative and so gifted with her hands.  God is going to be glorified through her ministry of artistic creation.  Please click on the link to her 817 Art Etsy website and check our her things.  And please pray for us as we travel and spend the day away from home on Saturday.  Have a wonderful weekend!


One response

  1. David Pectol

    Best of luck to her! I know it will be a huge success!!

    April 15, 2010 at 8:07 am

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