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Put me in coach…a night with the guys

                  The First Farragut Mens Softball team kicked off the 2010 season last night with a 11-8 loss to Azul Tequila.  I’m on the team…but am a glorified cheerleader and third base coach with my most recent knee injury.  Definitely difficult to not participate in the game…but the fellowship with the guys is fantastic!  Awesome group of guys to hang out with…fun to be in the outdoors…great fellowship together…lots of laughter…and we will be a competitive team!  It was funny as some of the young adult guys wives arrived seeing me in my cleats and jersey…Becca was not in attendance….but they represented well for her….threatening Chris (our Coach) and myself with our lives if I made an appearance in the game!  I’ll only be entering games this season if we are down to 8 players before the first pitch, which would cause us to forfeit.  Sad…isn’t it? 

                I’ve been reading a book over the last month called, “Rules of Engagement,” by Chad Hennings, former tight end for the Dallas Cowboys.  He is speaking largely to men about the relationships they have with other guys and about finding faith and purpose in a disconnected world.  He says, “In all the roles I’ve been privileged to play in life, I’ve seen that men in our society are emotionally disconnected from each other and from God.  But we need masculine relationships/ friendships with other men, not just mariage and family.  We need other men to hold us accountable in our actions and in our beliefs.  God uses our relationships with other men to reveal His character to us.  These close friendships help us define who we’re supposed to be:  men.  And not just men, but men after God’s own heart.” 

                I’m thankful for Chad’s encouragement.  I look forward to the relationship building I get to do with guys in the church, whether on the golf course, a softball field, or a local coffee shop.  God has used many guys here at First Farragut to shape the man that he wants me to be.  I’m thankful for those guys.  Special shout out to a couple of them today…Dave Lewis and Greg Shahan.  You guys pump me up in the name of Christ.  You help to give me purpose in my role as a minister of the Gospel, as a friend, a brother in Christ, and a husband! 

                Have a wonderful Tuesday knowing that God has called you today to live, love, and to serve him with your entire heart.  Give him the glory and praise for life today!  Amen!


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