24/7/365 GROW

An East Tennessee Sunrise

With about 30 friends from First Farragut we began our Easter Sunday at 7am at our sunrise service.  It was a beautiful morning here in East Tennessee.  Chilly with temperatures around 50 degrees, but clear skies.  We worshipped the Lord in song, we spent time in prayer, and we read the Resurrection story together from John’s Gospel.  The challenge was simple.  We need to be willing to embrace the victory that is THE RESURRECTION every single day as believers.  No matter what victories and defeats life brings us we need to relish the responsibility that we have in celebrating our gift of life eternal. 

           There is s0mething truly sacred about the early morning hours.  We move from dark to light, it is calm and quiet, it is peaceful with a comfortable setting for reflection, meditation, and contemplation.  I pray that your Easter Sunday is filled with the truth of the Resurrection and with simplicity and warmth that comes from relationships and fellowship with family and friends.  Have a wonderful Easter.  I will be out of the office this week as Becca and I spend some time together over her spring break.  I will do my best to update you all on our happenings…and will look forward to our regular time together again next week!  God Bless you all on this Easter Sunday as we continue to celebrate the greatest victory in the history of mankind…Jesus Christ’s victory over the grave!  Amen!


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