24/7/365 GROW

Christ vs. routine

                 How significant is your morning routine, your bedtime routine, and your work routine?  Do you lean on it like it is your lifeblood?  I, like many people, enjoy aspects of a routine.  I like waking up and greeting my wife (and my dogs) with kisses.  I like a hot shower and the relaxing smell of fresh ground fresh brewed coffee.  I enjoy coming to life in my office with some time in the Word and some fresh prayers!  At the same time, I understand that I must be thinking about what i am doing when I come into God’s presence.  No one experience is like the other…it can’t be!  God has called us to take up our crosses and to follow him each day!  Today I’ve got to be ready.  I’ve got to be ready to pursue him in the way that he desires…not in the way that I’ve planned out. 

               I want to challenge us all this easter to break from the routine and to allow ourselves and our families to find Christ outside of the normal routine.  Ever been to a SUNRISE SERVICE?  Weather should be spectacular this Sunday as I preach at our sunrise service outside on the yard at FFUMC.  7am!  Come experience a really warm cup of coffee and some worship music as the sun comes up over the horizon.  Start your day with the Lord before anything else can get in the way.  We have so much to celebrate this weekend.  Lets do it the way that our Creator would want us to…with our hearts and with authentic spirits in pursuit of a Savior. 

                  Break from the routine so that you can experience the newness that Christ has for us each day.  You won’t regret it.  Have a wonderful Easter 2010 as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord!  If you’re looking for a church home this weekend come join us at FFUMC

7:00am  Sunrise service (a short 25 minute celebration with some worship and a short sermon!)

9:00am  Traditional service

10:00am Sunday School

11:00am  Contemporary Service

First Farragut United Methodist Church

12733 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37934


Read more about THURSDAY of the passion week @http://stevearonowitz.wordpress.com/2010/04/01/thursday-of-the-passion-week/


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