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The Bunny

                          Becca and I were visiting with some church friends on Sunday at the easter egg hunt/ potluck at First Farragut.  If you’ve ever been to a cover dish potluck at a church then you have seen a slice of heaven.  Table after table covered in moms home cookin (and a few things from walmart).  The greatest table of all though is the dessert table.  One word…WOW!  Two circle tables filled with brownies, cookies, banana pudding, cakes, cupcakes…unbelievable!  You see little kids running around with LARGE PLATES full of desserts…very funny!  Many people choose to give up sweets for Lent…and my wife was one of those people this year.  I think that its a great thing to sacrifice something during the Easter Season…symbolic of Christ’s sacrifice to us.  Sometimes the things that WE WANT in our lives take a priority over what God wants for us.  Not easy to sacrifice a trip to the dessert table at the coverdish church potluck…or is it?  We don’t have to go to the cross…we’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime in eternal life with Jesus Christ…so missing the dessert table is alright…and saying a prayer of thanksgiving in that moment of personal sacrifice makes the sacrifice even more meaningful between you and God. 

                 As we continued to visit at the potluck we ended up talking about candy….Easter….big chocolate bunnies!  I couldn’t help but bust out in song to “Veggie Tales, the Bunny!”  Definitely kid focused….but you can replace “the bunny” with anything in your life that might be drawing your attention away from the cross, the tomb, and the sky this week. 

                 And if being a youth pastor doesn’t work out long term…I would love to be an Asparagus fly boy.  Mom would be so proud.  Have a great Wednesday of Holy week.  You can read more about the Wednesday of Holy Week at http://stevearonowitz.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/tuesday-and-wednesday-of-the-passion-week/.


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