24/7/365 GROW

Inviting others in…..WHAT?!!!

             When was the last time you invited someone to share in the goodness that you experience in your church home.  When was the last time you allowed your comfort level to disappear in order to give the Kingdom an opportunity to grow?  It had been a long time for me…until the last year.  When I was on Young Life staff I would invite others in to experience Christ on a regular basis.  It was sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy.  When I came into church ministry though I found it was easier to allow people to come to me!  I let myself get comfortable…I allowed things to become to easy.  I stopped having hard conversations and began sleeping a little bit when it came to INVITING OTHERS IN!  This is a great week to invite others to share in what your church family has to offer.  Got neighbors who don’t have a church home?  Invite them!  Got friends who need something more in their life?  Invite them!  Got family who has been away too long?  Invite them!  And when they say, “YES!”…be ready to follow up with them and lead them in having a fantastic and welcoming experience! 

               Invite people in…..YES!

               Just don’t be scared and do this….


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