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Re-Discover the Passion of the Christ

              It is easter week…which for those of us who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is a big deal.  It is a week not only to celebrate, but to reflect on the sacrifice and the significance of what Jesus did for us on the cross.  Many people find themselves in a routine during easter week.  They go to the same services, they shop at the same store for an easter outfit, they have the same meal with the same family, and they experience the same thing.  I think that we have a responsibility as people who claim Christ as Lord to THINK ABOUT what it is that we are experiencing.  We need to think about who we are talking to when we pray.  We need to think about the REALITY of what REALLY HAPPENED when Jesus went to the cross and how it affects the life that we live for Him today!  When we talk about the Resurrection do we just make reference to it or do we passionately claim it and celebrate it as what gives us hope and the opportunity for life eternal? 

                This week we have a chance to re-discover the passion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I aim to give this week my full heart and attention.  I hope to experience the Easter Story in a new and powerful way, and maybe even more than that, I expect to!  A close friend of mine once told me, “Expect big things Mark…and big things will come!”  Over the last 5 days I’ve been listening to ONE SONG in my car…a song by Starfield off their new album, “The Saving One.”  The song is called RE-DISCOVER YOU.  What a great challenge for Easter week!  Listen, be still, and reflect on what this week can bring you as a disciple of Christ, as someone who has claimed Christ as Lord…and be changed. 

                            “I need to just admit, that the Passion’s gone…and I want to get it back.  You told me…search for you and I will find….so I’m here, like I’m searching for the first time.  Revive me, Jesus, make this cold heart start to move…help me re-discover you!”     Search for Jesus during Easter 2010 like you are searching for the first time!  Let that be your prayer this week as you approach the cross, the tomb, and the greatest victory ever experienced in the history of mankind…victory over DEATH!  Have a blessed Monday.


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