24/7/365 GROW

She did it! Congratulations Becca! Please pray!

                      This morning my beautiful wife finished her 7th marathon in her 7th different state, crossing the finish line at the North Carolina Marathon (High Point, NC) in just over 5 hours!  She continually amazes me!  I’m so glad that I was there to support her!  Thank you so much for your prayers as she completed her 26.2 mile journey on the road! 

                        Also, after driving up yesterday, and driving home today, I am now sitting in my office at the church.  I’m putting the finishing touches on tomorrow’s Sermon and making sure everything is in order as the youth prepare to lead BOTH SERVICES at FFUMC.  I’m running on empty, to say the least, and could use your prayers for strength and supernatural inspiration in the morning.  Pray that all words would be HIS and that the youth of FFUMC would feel led by the Holy Spirit as they share.  There is also a POWERFUL skit being presented at BOTH services called, “EVERYTHING,” that a handful of high school students have been working very hard on.  Thanks for your prayers for that!  Talk to you all Monday!


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