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High Point Marathon in North Carolina! GO BECCA!

                  Tomorrow morning bright and early Becca and I (along with our two dogs, Ellie and Emma…and my mother-in-law) will depart for Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Our final destination is High Point, NC just outside of Winston.  Saturday morning Becca will take to the road for her 7th marathon in her seventh state.  She is 4 marathon’s away from gaining entry into an exclusive club, the 50 states marathon club.  Becca has trained hard, prayed hard, and is well prepared for her journey in 48 hours.  Having now been through this myself as a marathon finisher (makes me tired just thinking about it) I feel I am better suited to support my wife in North Carolina.  I fully understand the emotional, physical, and spiritual highs and lows that Becca will be experiencing.  I am so proud of my bride.  She works so hard for us as a teacher at North and she does a fantastic job of treating her body as a temple for her Savior to dwell in.  She has been my inspiration in living a healthier life.  She is my everything!  Please pray for Becca’s safety on Saturday morning.  Pray for strength that can come only from above and for an engaged and excited spirit throughout her 26.2 mile journey.  I will let you all know as soon as I have access to a computer how things went!  Thanks in advance for your prayers!  Have a fantastic weekend!


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