24/7/365 GROW

We ain’t down with that…

                  I’m going to take you all back many many years…the group is DC Talk.  The Rap Album is NU THANG.  The song is, “I LOVE RAP MUSIC.”  It begins like this, “Some people out there givin’ rap a bad name.  Well I’m here to let you know…we ain’t down with that!”  And then lets just say that Christian RAP from the early 1990’s comes in its full affect to either drive you crazy or to bless you like crazy!  For me its all a blessing.  I grew up on the likes of DC TALK, Michael W. Smith, Newsboys, and so many more.  The encouragement that came from Christian music was a significant part of my surviving some tough years in middle school and high school.  Young people today are all about the music…and there is nothing more powerful than when they are plugged in and in tune with what some fantastic disciples of Christ are saying and singing in Christian Music.

                        Maybe you journal, or pray often, or love to go for walks.  So many things can draw us closer to the Lord.  So many different ways to be directed back to the cross.  It seems as though Christian music, though, continues to hold strongly as one of the favorite ways to spend time with Jesus.  The worship can happen almost anytime and anywhere.  For adults it can happen on the commute to work or the business trip to Nashville.  For young people as soon as the school bell rings the ear buds connected to their i-pod go into their ears…and Starfield or Tenth Avenue North begins to blare.  For 7 hours it was tough…the school hallways, the gossip, the language….or for adults the office was challenging, hard to allow your faith to speak through your secular workplace.  But as you turn the key in your car and Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Beauty Will Rise” comes on you breathe in the Holy spirit through your lungs as you re-charge on your way home to your family. 

                       There are so many things in this world, in Knoxville, that like DC Talk said in the VERY early 1990’s, WE AIN’T DOWN WITH THAT.  There are so many opportunities to turn our back on Jesus in the midst of our school days and work days.  There are even more opportunities to turn away over the weekend when our freedoms in life seem to increase in comparison to our rigid school, work, and family schedules.  We need to be willing to echo the words of Toby Mac and Michael Tait from the early years in saying that Jesus is the single most important thing in our worlds.  When it comes to things (music, movies, gossip) that don’t glorify God, take a stand this week in declaring with your heart and your soul for Christ, “I ain’t down with that.” 

                  Have an awesome Wednesday…and if you feel like an AMAZING BLESSING this morning, spend .99 cents and download, “I LUV Rap MUSIC,” by DC TALK off of the Album NU THANG.  If it isn’t the song that you will listen to everyday for the next 10 years I understand…but it will absolutely without a doubt make you laugh and smile this St. Patrick’s Day! 


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