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I am what I eat

                I have tried to be brutally honest on my blog…which if you know me isn’t really all that difficult.  Many of you know that I had knee surgery in January after injuring myself in December.  The last time I worked out was the day I ran 26 miles in November at the Rutledge Marathon.  I took 4 weeks off after the marathon and on my first night back in activities I blew my knee out at men’s basketball.  Thus began my healthy downfall.  My ability to be active was gone, along with my will power for avoiding bad food.  Since finishing the Rutledge marathon I have put on a considerable amount of weight and have seen it affect all areas of my life, including my walk with Christ.  Although I am not able to work out right now since I am in rehabilitation at Parkwest Hospital, I can control what I am eating and am taking back that part of my life this morning!  It feels great.  I can already feel a boost in my will power and in my motivation to make changes.  The devotions and journaling were awesome, coffee was black, the breakfast was oatmeal, and the lunch will be salad and fruit with nuts in the afternoon!  I have learned over the last 2 years that I AM WHAT I EAT!  So, although working out will be challenging this spring, I’m hoping to see some major changes just through my diet.  I believe that taking care of our bodies is directly tied to our journey with Christ.  Since my knee injury I have allowed the discipline of personal health to fall apart.  I’m excited to reclaim my life this morning. 

             I would also like to ask for your prayers this morning as I go see my surgeon at Parkwest this afternoon.  Rehab has been painful and difficult and we have seen very little progress.  My knee is still giving me a significant amount of trouble and I am way behind where I should be at almost 2 months post operation.  I have some fears about what will be talked about today as a second surgery was brought up before my first surgery.  Emotionally I am exhausted in dealing with knee problems.  I want to be healthy and active and I want to move on.  I feel stuck in a body with failing knees.  My appointment is at 4:25 Eastern time.  Pray that the news is something along the lines of, “progress will be slow because of previous problems with your right knee,” and not, “we need to go back in and operate.” 

               Also, want to say one final THANKS to my brother John and his girlfriend Mollie for letting me spend the weekend with them in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  I had such a fantastic time hanging out with you guys and consider the relationships that we share a HUGE blessing in my life.  I pray for you both every single day and look forward to the next time.  I promise not to come to Iowa for a little while so that we can give you guys time to plan a trip to Tennessee!  Stay warm and know that Spring is on the way.

                Talk to you all tomorrow.  Know today that God desires your attention and your time.  It doesn’t take much to invest in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Small amounts of time on a consistent basis will do more than you could ever imagine.  Make time for Him today…He’s waiting.


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  1. Marci Joy

    Thank you for sharing Mark. I have been struggling with eating far too many sweets and not working out. I am encouraged today! I will pray for your recovery…

    March 1, 2010 at 10:11 am

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