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Brother in Christ Gene Treacy

             Just a short post today to ask you to pray for a close friend and a brother in Christ, Gene Treacy.  Gene is a member here at First Farragut and one of my favorite golf partners in all of East Tennessee.  If you don’t have a good time on the golf course with Gene Treacy something is wrong with you.  Gene was recently diagnosed with Cancer and is going to begin treatments immediately.  A 6 month round of chemotherapy (no radiation) begins a week from today (Wednesday the 24th).  I was given permission by Gene today to do with the news what we feel led to do.  I feel led to ask my blog network to pray for the entire Treacy family (Gene, Pam, Luke, and Kate) as they begin this rather uncomfortable journey.  I have been blessed to grow very close to the Treacy’s and feel honored to be one of Gene’s pastors.  Although there is a small age gap between Gene and I (just a couple of decades) he has always made me feel as though I could lead him and that he would listen to me.  Becca and I care for the Treacy’s a great deal and would like to commission your prayers over the next 6 months for the family.  Gene asked today for prayers specifically for his wife and 2 kids.  Gene is a passionate man of God who loves his family and his church.  He’s going to,”kick Cancer’s butt,” I am sure of it!  I stand beside my friends & my brothers and sisters in Christ, the Treacy’s, and would ask that you do the same.  I love you Gene and am here for you today and always.  Pam, I’ve got your back and will do anything to help.  Kate and Luke, anytime you need me, for anything, call me.  You want some free pizza or burgers, a shoulder to lean on, or somebody to scream at or hang out with I’m your guy! 

                  Thanks for your prayers for my friends.  Have a blessed Wednesday as you walk with and serve the God who created us, the Jesus who died for us, and the Holy Spirit who breathes life into our hearts today.  Amen!


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