24/7/365 GROW

The first gift remembered

                 My wife and I dated long distance between Bellville, Texas (Houston) and Moorestown, NJ (Philadelphia) for 9 months before getting married in East Tennessee and moving to Denver, Colorado.  Our dating life was certainly an adventure, with every moment together feeling a bit like an exciting vacation.  We met at Winter Training for Young Life staff at Sharp Top Cove (one of Young Life’s camp properties) in Jasper, Georgia during the first week of January in 2006.  By the end of the month we excitedly decided to give a long distance relationship our full effort!  Our second weekend together as a couple (our third time ever seeing eachother…crazy!) happened to fall around Valentines Day.  I was extremely nervous about getting Becca something because I was worried that I might scare her away with some type of ridiculous gift.  After much debate I decided on a gift.  We were taking some goofy pictures (even adults do that) in the living room of Becca’s 2 bedroom apartment in South Jersey when I pulled out a card with the gift inside.  She opened it….my heart stopped… praying that she would smile and like it….DRAMATIC PAUSE…………..SUCCESS!!!  Inside the card she found a gift card to James Avery, one of her favorite Jewelry designers.  I was scared to buy her jewelry…but I thought a gift card would be a fun way to give her something really nice that she could pick out herself!  She loved it!  On Becca’s next trip to Houston we went to a James Avery store near my parents house.  She settled on a silver heart attached to a black leather necklace.  It was simple, it was beautiful…it looked PERFECT on Becca.  She still wears it to this day and every time she does I’m reminded of our story together.  It seemed so impossible for our relationship to work from 2,000 miles apart.  God had a plan though, and through the ups and downs of our marriage we have continually been reminded that we were brought together (CALLED TOGETHER) by our creator.  It gives us great confidence in loving, forgiving, and staying committed to our relationship.  What we are together is much bigger than US.  We know that our relationship is about God moving in and through us to have an impact on the Kingdom, whether through student ministry, our relationships at church, or our friendships outside the walls of the church.  God has a plan for the Tennessee Aronowitz’s!  A plan that began with a simple gift.  A silver heart attached to black leather.  A genuine gift that we can both look to as the beginning of an exciting journey ordained by God.  Cheesy story???  Nah.  I love my wife and will yell it from the rooftop as long as I live.  Have a great Wednesday…and guys, come on, Valentines Day doesn’t have to be a commercialized holiday if its about you and your bride! 


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