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Marty Aronowitz’s Fruitcake

                   I am Marty Aronowitz’s Grandson, and this year holds special meaning for my life in the story of Marty Aronowitz’s Fruitcake.  For the history of Marty Aronowitz’s fruitcake enter any of these links into your browser!











                  My father, Steven Aronowitz, continues to make the fruitcakes every year, distributing them to church  members, family friends, and members of the community (although his batches have gotten smaller over the years).  Last year as I spent the Christmas season with my family in Northwest Houston I shared in the baking tradition for the first time as I helped my father make a batch of the fruitcakes.  It wasn’t until recent years that I have became passionate about what my Grandad and my Dad were doing, and last Christmas  I decided that I would carry on the family tradition.  Just a couple of weeks ago over the Thanksgiving holiday my father gave me two of the original fruitcake pans that my Grandad used in his baking of the fruitcakes.  This gift from my father was the icing on the cake in my heart to make sure that people for years to come can taste and experience Marty Aronowitz’s fruitcake.   My wife Becca and I now make a home in East Tennessee.  She is a Middle School Art teacher and I am a Youth and Young Adult Pastor at a local church.  This year  I will be spending my first Christmas away from my family.  My Grandmother (Marty’s wife) and my father (Marty’s son) will be together in Northwest Houston ringing in the Christmas season.  This Friday, December the 14th, I will be making my first batch of Fruitcakes on my own, as a 26 year old.  This ensures that the legacy of Marty Aronowitz’s fruitcake, and all of its chewy goodness,  will continue to live on in kitchens and towns all across the country for decades to come.  The Aronowitz family takes great pride in the baking of and the distributing of the Aronowitz fruitcake.  My Grandad took great joy in his fruitcakes and it is with incredible excitement and love that I will bake this Christmas 2007.   Here is to many more Christmas’s celebrating a great man, my Grandad, who with his big heart and his warm fruitcakes, continues to touch the lives of thousands of people every time Christmas comes calling.   People often ask the question, “if there was one person you could know personally today, who would it be?”  My response is always the same, “I wish I could have had a relationship with my Grandad!”  I am lucky to have such an incredible supporter and friend in my Grams, as she has told me so many wonderful stories to help me know the man that was behind the fruitcakes!  The fruitcakes enter their 3rd generation this Friday, and I hope that in another quarter of a century they will reach their 4th generation. 


             With warmth this Christmas season, when Jesus is the Reason for the Season,

                           Mark L. Aronowitz  (Grandson of the late Marty Aronowitz)


*for those of you who have a negative opinion of fruitcakes, give this one a chance before you write them off completely.  Most people say, “I don’t eat fruitcakes, but this is incredible!”  It is all natural, has a chewy consistency, not like cake, and is great heated up or sliced cold!




3 responses

  1. i would like to rename youth central. but i dont get how. so i think it should be renamed at the edge of things or the edge….. that is it.

    December 2, 2008 at 5:22 pm

  2. Jimmie Archie Harris

    I wish I had a dime for each Aronowitz Fruitcake I have made each year and without a doubt it is by far the best in the world. So many
    people say they to not like fruitcake without even tasting this one.
    Your grandfather Marty shared his recipe every year in our local
    Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. Sliced thin and held up to the light it looks
    like a Tiffany Stain glass. Most fruitcakes have an ingredient called
    citron (very much liked by Italian cooks) and it is this citron that is bitter and to me just ruins the fruitcakes. I cannot tell you how many
    people’s minds I have changed when they tasted your grandfather’s
    fruitcake. Now that I have gotten older and my health not too great,
    I have had to bake several small rectangular cakes with this recipe. It
    is also fun to bake this recipe in the miniature muffin pans with foil
    liners. I know of no other recipe as well known as the Marty Aronowitz
    fruitcake. What a great family heirloom. Keep passing it on. Wish I
    had a slice right now with a glass of red wine. Doesn’t get any better
    than that.

    January 5, 2011 at 7:46 pm

  3. Jimmie Archie Harris

    What a great surprise! I had forgotten about your idea of sharing so
    was totally surprised when I opened the door to find a neat package.
    Better than ever and could really taste the love you added. I love the
    small size and the decoration was perfect. Thanks for your caring and
    for honoring your grandfather. XOXOXOXOX

    January 28, 2011 at 6:54 pm

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